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I 've strewn myself accross this place.
I've strewn myself.
The interior can't do this to me.
It's not psychological.
It's not normal.
Such pacifistic ways will kill me.
Meandering beauty.
Such soft lips.
Please, can I at least hold her hand?
Meandering beauty.
The beauty of all things natural.
Soft beauty within these.
Soft beauty expelled.
Soft beauty once renowned.
Soft beauty.
Soft beauty forever entangled within.
These beautiful lips.
Open her lips.
Open her.
Until the day I see her face, soft, beauty, beauty.
I can't hold this in. Beauty.
I can't hold this.
Please just let me hold her hand, once, just once.
I beg of you.
Just one touch, before I fade.
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Art.... by xmxx Art.... :iconxmxx:xmxx 3 6 Deception by xmxx Deception :iconxmxx:xmxx 0 1 Succesion Through Depletion by xmxx Succesion Through Depletion :iconxmxx:xmxx 0 3 Completed by xmxx Completed :iconxmxx:xmxx 0 0 butterflies by xmxx butterflies :iconxmxx:xmxx 0 2 Butterfly by xmxx Butterfly :iconxmxx:xmxx 0 2
The Mission
Reality is a coined term, a meaningless mistake; grasped onto by the faint at heart, and those wanting to put an end to the infinite unanswerable questions that life has to offer us, that is; that life has to offer us if we choose not to give in.
Reality is an illusion. Nothing is reality, and through simple reason we can come to the truth....
reality is nothing.
But woah!....out on the horizon....truth??TRUTH!?!?!? TRUTH!!!!!
I thought you died many years ago, back before there were "motives", way back when.....
When no one even thought twice about not locking their doors before they went to bed.....back when nostalgia wasnt even in the dictionary yet....
Nope, sorry; not here.
There is no truth, except that for which you choose to be truth.......
If you choose god as truth...then what he says to be
If you choose science....then what science then truth.
You could choose turn, what
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A Stateful Stance
Whispers, they fall into the snow, leaving imprints as wedding rings of a torn summer and spring behind them. The rings are cold yet quick to melt. In their glory, new rings were to be made, advocating this jugle of clay. Destroy, destroy, destroy.
Forgotten time lies to me the sweet, precious lies of a faux-spring. Impermiable hope. Die, die, die.
A last rememberance of that swimming hole....A certain depth of loathing, anly achieved within these boundaries of inhuman emotion. Calculate, calculate, calculate.
Copulation of these lies in snow......fallen....melting....succumbing to the lush pastures of yesterday. Forget, forget,........forgive.....
I forgive you uncle.
-Randy Fulgham
Dedicated to my uncle Kevin 1971-2003 R.I.P
Suicide is never the answer
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stevehunter by xmxx stevehunter :iconxmxx:xmxx 1 5
My wish?
To be able to put my thoughts and feelings down on a piece of paper, with a utensil, using colors, vivid words and scenery, to correctly portray my deepest feeling and emotions so others can understand the so closely, they feel as if it is almost a part of themselves. That is my wish. To be able to connect with those who began this art of many kinds through the correct portrayal of their feelings long, long ago. I wish………..
I wish I was able to………
Every time I die, I fail to finish anything I start…  I fail to become anything I want to when I am done. If I try, then it never works, maybe it will be the time I stop trying, everything will come together…truth….truth……"truth"?
What is it that anyone can truly call truth anyways? What one knows to be factual physically or psychologically? To be able to truly have an open mind and to seek absolute "truth" you must be able to accept the simple fact that there is no such thing, at which point you will become free…
If it is a
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Believe Tonight Pt2
Crushed Velvet and Candle Wax
What more for the dream?
Love, True love.
The one and only heart we share
finally to become one in the flesh.
My heart,
My mind,
My soul,
My life,
My body,
is yours.
I give to you this night my everything.
I hold but one thing back.
I hold you back.
For you are the main part of me.
I hold you and never let go.
Our breaths eventually intertwining
Until breathing means nothing, and is quickly discarded.
Two hearts,
beating in unison.
Tiny convulsions from inside
Never known before.
So uncomprehendable, this feeling.
It all soon turns to nothing,
but complete and utter silence and tranquility.
This is when it is perfect.
Everything has fallen into place.
To everyone else,
This is ignorant and wasted silence.
To us and all that matters,
this is everything.
A utopia for our souls.
I don\'t have to go on.
Our minds are one.
She knew before I wrote this,
what it was.
My conception was in her name.
And my demise will be in her name.
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Believe Tonight
Believe Tonight (October 31, 2003)
The time has come.
The flame is floating.
Intertwined, our minds rekindle.
And blaze.
This prayer begins.
This day, all is gone.
One of three.
Happiness is lost in pain.
The bitter sweet love of mystery.
Come forth and unmask.
Bring to the surface, your child.
Our faces unite to one.
We are Fall Children.
All Hallow\'s eve
Fire\'s raging bright
One of three in our hearts
1/4 from 2 (one).
This night all is gone
This night we\'re free
Let go of your soul
Let\'s go
One of three.
All hallow\'s eve.
This night the souls come out from beyond.
Reunite with your past love.
And fill the streets.
Jackolanterns sing.
This Holy of nights.
The time has come.
Indulge yourself with new delights.
Bats enraged.
Withes encircle.
Open yourself for whats to come.
Ready yourself for what you\'ve done.
Your knowledge?
Our one soul?
All Hallow\'s eve
Fire\'s raging bright
One of three in our hearts
1/4 from 2.
This nig
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Cutting One by xmxx Cutting One :iconxmxx:xmxx 1 5
On This Day
I find myself alone
yet, in another aspect, together forever,
the best way imaginary.
How does one deal with this situation?
How is one supposed to feel about this?
I have found the one for which
my soul and heart desire,
yet I have been tortured by circumstances
until later.
Well, as impossible at it seems,
this love is unlike any other
ever experienced by human kind,
unknown by the human culture
it\'s entire existence.
I guess the reasonable
reaction, would be to
unknowingly let this
opportunity slide by
But not in this case.
The loneliness within myself
and my (once) peers,
seems to disappear at the
mere sight of this splendor.
It\'s this LOVE that reaches
Beyond time and distance,
to keep me company at all times.
I am perfectly content
as if seeing her everyday
wouldn\'t be right?
Not yet.
It will come.
My dreams will come true.
This day, the entire world\'s dreams
will come true.
This is the day of hope,
the day of offering,
A many Holy day
in the eyes of the F
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OG Style Lovin
All the stars fall from the sky
within the gentle breeze.
A hastefull stance from eye to eye
the stars descend and feeze.
A thousand lifetimes here and past
A thousand tears to go.
A thousand times is way too fast
to let all my love show.
The planets set, and snow and sleet,
forever and a day.
My love strengthens when we meet,
and never goes away.
With every word that comes in through,
and the thoughts in your head.
Make my love stronger and true.
Past my time is through.
Irrelevant smiles
fomaldahyde lies
my past is mishapen, forsaken, and for the taking.,
my future is reserved for one.
one true, one real.
ONLY true, ONLY real.
from this day forward, I am yours, officially.
although u have been yours forever + the past - *love*
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Mercutio xMxx
United States
Current Residence: Santa Cruz
Favourite genre of music: noise.
[b]Listening to:[/b]Sage Francis
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Last night went out, watched people drink in a vineyard in Thornton. Showed my bad things to Drew and Ben.



Im doing good in school...

mon-fri = school from 7:20-12:42 Interior design 1:45-2:15

Mon+wed = fashion merchandising 2:30-5:00
Tues+thurs = Computer based office training..

Hard fucking shit. i barely have anytime to spend with my babe..:(

sorry mary!!

I love u soo much!!!!

I wrote something for you.... I love it

I love you!!!



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